Now Announcing the Secrets to Success: What you didn’t know!

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Now Announcing the Secrets to Success: What you didn’t know!

What is Success?

To many, success means having a nice car, fine home, impressive job, and attractive spouse. Yet, people with all of these things are not necessarily any happier than those with less impressive lives.

If you are honest with yourself, you will see that those “achievements” only serve to impress others and do little to enhance the quality of your life.

Those with large homes still spend 80% of their time in just a couple of rooms and that a $20,000 car provides just as reliable transportation as an $80,000 car? The only difference is the aesthetic and the “luxuries” the price range provides.

And those “attractive people” are still just people. Some may be loving, generous, and kind but some can also become quite tiresome after a short period of time

The idea of success in the western world is too focused on showing for friends, family, neighbors, or anyone else that will give attention. Living to impress others strictly for the attention will never bring you true happiness. When the attention goes away, and it will, you need to do bigger things until you have no more to show.

True Success focuses on what will make you happy, by going for the things that really matter to you. You could find happiness by trying to impress others, but only if you are showing YOURSELF that your own interests are important.

One of my personal favorite books is “The Secret Code to Success” written by Noah St. John, talks about the 7 Hidden Steps to More Wealth and Happiness.

So how do you define success?

If you can determine what your main focus of life is, everything else becomes much easier to work out or work through. SO, let’s look at the following areas and break down what really matters to you:

1. What is Your Passion?

  • Do you want to write a great novel? Focus the next 25 years on creating and raising a family? Explore the world? Explore yourself? What are your favorite hobbies?
  • Once you write down your passions, answer the questions: Why do I love this? How does it make me feel?

2. What is Your Dream Career.

  • What do you like to do? Most people consider money first, but what would you like to spend eight hours per day doing for 40+ years, assuming it allows you to pay the bills and pursue other passions?

Let’s assume your passion is writing.  What passions would you write about? You could consider a career such as an editor, article writer for websites, or even become a blogger for your own website.

3. Your Dream Home?

  • What type of home do you want to live in? What purpose does your home serve to you? Does your dream home support the passions you have for life? How many rooms would accommodate your passions?
  • Where is this home located? In the city, country, suburbs or another country?

4. What is Your Passion Outside of Your Dream Job?

A successful life includes enough free time satisfy all of your interests, including but not limited to your dream job.

  • Are you travelling? What are the other Hobbies that you love? What are your favorite responsibilities, and which responsibilities would you love to outsource?
  • Who are you spending this time with? Here is a bit of a tough one, in which I am going to test the limits of your honesty with yourself. Knowing that this can only be seen by you, who in your life right now do you NOT enjoy spending time with and WHY?
  • Are you joining clubs, committees, and other voluntary activities that add quality to your life?

5. I don’t mean to get dark but, imagine you only have a few months to live.

  • What would you want to do in that time to give your life meaning?
  • What would you like to look back upon? Think about the kind of life you’d have to live to feel good at the end of it.

Remember, your time is limited in this life, so consider how YOU want to make the most of it.

Truly, a successful life is one that allows you to accomplish or experience those things you consider to be most important. Those accomplishments WILL NOT be the same for everyone.

One trick is to avoid allowing society to determine the definition of success. Decide what is most important to you and then create a life that supports those things.

When pursuing society’s definition of success, sometimes the result is confusion, resentment, and disenchantment.

Be brave enough to find your own path.

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