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The One Thing

If you look at some of the Reviews on Amazon for this book, you will see some very mixed feelings about this book “The One Thing”.

The concept behind the book is that in order to be more successful and productive, you should focus on ONE important thing per area of your life.

The pattern I am sensing of the negative reviews to me comes from a very narrow minded way of looking at each section of the book. While there is one concept… focusing on one thing, the premise behind it does not mean that it is limited to one thing alone.

The point the Author is trying to make is that you should FOCUS your life, your goals on one purpose at a time. Not in a limiting view of “you can only have one of each thing in life”, but rather, dream as big as you possibly can, then break that dream down into bitesize manageable chunks, focusing on one piece at a time until the entire puzzle comes together.

If this concept is lost on anyone, I will be setting up a book discussion group on Facebook.

The book references the clip above, which came from a 1991 movie called City Slickers .

It is a film about a middle aged man from the city, who is going through a type of mid-life crisis. He is stuck in his everyday life, doing everyday routine things, feeling like he is going no-where.