The Sultan’s 7 Secrets Review

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The Sultan’s 7 Secrets Review

This review is in process, please be patient while I let my creative juices flow.

For now, I will say that Jeff Buehner is an amazing mentor. I really enjoyed spending time with him and “his crew” over zoom. I don’t mean some recorded sillyness either. I mean, I really was able to take some time and ask my questions to Jeff and Stephanie during his “7 Secrets Challenge”.

Once you understand the science behind creation thinking, and understand the “how and why” behind what you’re doing, it’s nearly impossible not to.” 

-Jeff Buehner

While I don’t believe that his way is the “end all, be all” to manifesting, I do believe he is definitely one of the best out there to really dive into how this works, the why’s, and how to break out of our current “roles”.