Hello and Welcome!

My name is Rev. Heather Malloy and I am very grateful that you are here!  In the photo to the left, I am the one in the white.

I am recently married to a wonderful man, Ryan Malloy, after 22 years of singledom, where I have learned many life lessons! 

I was married once before, long ago in 1996, and officially divorced in 1999.  My ex-husband and I were very young,, both of us still needing to learn who we were as people.  I can honestly say now that I do not regret ever having married him.  With that divorce, I vowed to never marry again until I knew that it was with the right person.  This meant knowing my own boundaries, and knowing what I would and would not accept in a partner.

My World

Being a mother has been the most wonderful part of my life.

I am a mother of two wonderful people, and now a step-mother for 3 young men.


Stephanie is my oldest child, who is now a mother to the greatest joy of my entire life, my grand-daughter, Sarah. (Just saying, I thought I knew love when my children were born, but to meet my grand-daughter, changed EVERYTHING!).

I am so glad to say though, that my daughter is my best friend, and my first true love.

Steph is so creative when it comes to hair and make-up, so she became certified as a Cosmetologist with the Paul Mitchell Beauty School.

I am so proud of the woman she is becoming and the mother she has been to my grand-daughter.

Next is my bonus son, Tyler, (bad wolves jersey) who is a very hard worker, is an avid lover of all sports and loves most metal bands.

Even though he doesn’t outwardly show it, he loves his family and friends with all his heart.

I give this young man and his father such a hard time for being a New England Patriots fans, but it’s all out of fun! (Go Cowboys!!)

Third in age, but not in my heart, my son, Nicholas.

He was the top fastest kid in the 110 hurdles, for the state of Nevada in Track and Field, Head male cheerleader for basketball, and played Safety among other positions on his high school football team.

Even after graduation, he still Plays just as hard as he works.

This kid loves his anime, video games and both his pet bunnies he calls Mini Kangaroo and Neko.

I know someday he hopes to be able to be a video game influencer and possibly programmer.

Fourth youngest, is my bonus son, Cody.

This young man is gifted when it comes to the camera, in fact most all of the photos you will see of my wedding are his creation, his art, and his vision. While I had a hand in the depth of color, he did all of the work.

He is smart and oh so sassy. Graduated the same year as Nicholas, and going on to be a very creative adult.

He plays the tuba and trombone.  He is also currently working with the WWE Wrestling Circuit.

This photo done by Cody

Then there is the youngest, my bonus son, Luke (the one in the black shirt).

Still in high school and doing his best to find himself among all of his siblings, this young man has stole my heart.

He is very crafty, and so very much into politics. He knows what he likes but has the ability to listen when he really needs to. (Most of the time)

He spends his time gaming with Stephanie and Nicholas, Grub hubbing with Cody, and arguing over sports and their athletes with Tyler.

I really believe one of his biggest passions is baiting his father and I into little debates, which is all the time.

Why become a Life Coach?

The very early years of my childhood were pretty amazing.  

While my biological mother was drama, chaos, and a hailstorm of bad decisions, the people she had around her made my life a dream.

The “meat” of my childhood though was 10 years worth of abuse, mental, physical, and sexual.  

After my rescue from the abuse, I did my best making the most of the rest of my childhood. 

I wanted to become a rescuer of all the abused children that I could, standing up for the defenseless, and then showing them how to overcome the pain and anguish of their pasts. 

After a lifetime of experiences, Self help training, and certifying, I found that my passion is to help others who are READY to help themselves.

If you would like to learn more about my Life’s story, you can visit my personal page by clicking “Heather’s Page” below.